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Heart rate monitors >> Polar (Finland) >> Polar CS200
Polar CS200
Producer: Polar (Finland)
price: 76.02 €
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Polar CS200 Cycling Computers combine body feedback and cycling data, which helps you achieve your cycling goal. Polar CS200cad comes with Polar CS Cadence Sensor.
Combines body feedback and cycling data, which helps you achieve your cycling goal.  
Wireless Polar CS speed sensor
New advanced sensor measuring the cycling speed.

Wireless sensor that provides current, average, and maximum speeds. Easy attachment and aerodynamic design.
Cycling Economy
Tracks the cycling workload as kcal/h and kcal/km.

Cycling workload as kcal/h and kcal/km. With this feature you can foresee your calorie expenditure and secure sufficient intake on a long ride. This feature is also useful for comparing and analyzing the loads of various training types. It also measures how economical your training is.
Memory Files
Stores the training data of the last seven sessions.

A feature that automatically stores all cycling data from the last seven trainings.
Estimated Time of Arrival
Enables you to foresee the time of arrival based on your cycling speed.

Set the distance you are going to ride, and your cycling computer calculates the estimated time of arrival based on your cycling speed.
Indicates the relation between current speed and average speed.

A feature that points out the difference between average speed/pace and actual speed/pace on the display by up/down arrows.
Polar OwnCal®
Counts and displays calorie expenditure.

The Polar OwnCal feature shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions.

You can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure with the OwnCal feature. Because the OwnCal tracks both the energy expenditure during one exercise session and the accumulated kilocalories during a longer time e.g. one week, it helps in achieving both short term and long term goals.
Polar OwnCode® (5kHz)
Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors.

As more and more people use heart rate monitors today, preventing cross talk from other devices in group situations at the gym or when jogging with a friend becomes essential. The unique coded technology blocks unwanted signals from other heart rate monitors, ensuring disturbance-free transmission of your heart rate data.
Polar OwnZone®
Determines personal heart rate limits for a training session.

The Polar OwnZone (OZ) feature determines an individual exercise zone. It guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone - your OwnZone - while taking into account your current physical condition.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors use multiple methods for determining your OwnZone. The primary method is to measure your heart rate variability during the warm-up period before exercising. If the measurement is not successful, your latest saved OwnZone limits are used. If there are no previous limits in the memory, the Polar Heart Rate Monitor will automatically calculate OwnZone limits based on your age-predicted maximum heart rate (220 minus age). You should determine your OwnZone at the beginning of your workout whenever you change exercise environment and/or exercise mode or if your mental state changes when feeling stressed, for instance.

The OwnZone Basic corresponds to 65-85 % of the maximum heart rate. Exercise at the lower end of this intensity level can be conducted for extended periods safely and often yields the best results for weight control, while exercise at the upper end of this intensity produces the best results for improving cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness.

The OwnZone Advanced feature consists of two training areas: OwnZone Low and OwnZone High, providing greater variations in exercising than the OwnZone Basic area, which can be rather wide for more focused training.

The OwnZone Light corresponds to 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. This intensity still feels fairly easy for most people. It helps in weight control and improves endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

The OwnZone Moderate corresponds to 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. This intensity is especially good for people who are exercising regularly. Exercising in this zone is particularly effective for improving cardiovascular fitness.

The OwnZone Hard corresponds to 80-90% of maximum heart rate. You will find yourself breathing heavily, having tired muscles and feeling fatigued. This intensity is recommended occasionally for fit people.

The OwnZone Weight corresponds to about 60-75% of your maximum heart rate. The OwnZone Weight is ideal for weight loss exercise for less fit individuals and for those recovering from sickness or intensive training.
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